Strange Pilgrims (2016 - )

trumpet and electronics

an ongoing project of solo works for trumpet and electronics based on Gabriel Garcia's collection of short stories, "Strange Pilgrims."

  1. Light is Like Water

"Light Is Like Water" is the first piece in a series based on Gabriel Garcia Marquez's collection of short stories, "Strange Pilgrims." In the story "Light Is Like Water," two brothers discover that they can fill their room with light by turning on a faucet, as one could do with water. This liquid light becomes a surreal environment in which they swim and dive. My musical recreation to this experience begins with volatile sparks of energy that cohere into a glassy and fluid texture that trumpeter explores. All of the electronic sounds are generated in real time through live processing in Max 7.


2018 Electrobrass Composition Competition, 2nd Prize


Music from SEAMUS, vol. 27